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Performance-Based Growth Consulting
that scales B2B Start-Ups with Product Market Fit
Zero to $1M ARR in 12 Months
by Leveraging AI

Our Clients Include

Case Studies

A Proven Track Record of
Automating Demand

Where they were before:

When the client came to us, they were struggling to get calls with prospects, anxious about their runway and investor demands for profitability.
They were at $0 MRR and burning cash month after month

After adopting the strategy discovered in the pilot phase Deal Flow created a demand-generation engine that currently averages 25+ Sales Calls every week

Their prospects include companies from the Fortune 500, Nike, Blackrock, IBM, Microsoft, Google, Ralph Lauren, Disney+ andThe New York Times.

They were able to use their new demand engine to raise a Series A and are closing in on $2M ARR

*Name withheld due to NDA

Connectria is an End to End MSP and cloud hosting company that handles clients like Bank of America, UPS and Anheuser Busch.

Their CMO tapped us to expand their partner network as they needed a consistent and affordable way to scale out.

By implementing our Demand Generation Engine into their sales team they were able to averaged 6 partner calls per week and increased partner channel revenue by 30% YoY.

Demand Generation works at any B2B Level - from one man shops to the corporate behemoths of America.

HMNGWY approached Deal Flow to build out an affordable and automated platform that would drive SMB's into their pilot program for content creation & SEO.

The engine currently generates new 4-5 clients a month for their retainer program.

Brands We've Booked in the
Last Six Months

Who Is This For?

Who Is This Not For?

This Is Not For - Start-ups still trying to solve for PMF, bootstrapped companies that are funded with life’s savings, or companies with less than $250,000 in
Growth Capital

Performance Based
Data Driven

Creating AI-Enabled and Massively Profitable Growth Engines with a Lean Financial Footprint

Out with the Old,

In with the New

Old Way

Hire an SDR & Marketer in house - teach them from scratch, slowly figure out which methods and softwares work and which don't - pay them a monthly Salary

*Avg SDR Salary in tech is $85,000/yr

New Way

Hire A Players and incentivize them with generous Revenue Share Models

Enable them to use AI & other forms of leverage to triple their output

Collapse the Sales & Marketing Teams
to 1-2 High Impact People

Adopt existing frameworks proven across a multitude of industries  

Old Result

Waste months and tens of thousands of dollars as they try learn how to drive new business

Run outdated playbooks learned on the job years ago

New Result

Rapidly test, iterate & validate the sales engine. Start scheduling sales calls in weeks and have a repeatable process in 1-2 Months.

Run a lean operation without bloat or “B - Players” - remain uncompromising in delivery


Jake Valentine has been crafting Demand Generation Engines for over 5 years. Having worked across a multitude of industries (finance, technology, infrastructure, healthcare, M&A, investor relations, home services, professional services, commercial real estate, etc) he has generated over $75 Million in qualified pipeline.

Currently he runs the demand generation engine for an enterprise startup located in San Francisco, while working remotely in Vancouver, Canada.

He has worked with various Start-Ups from Seed to Series A through his demand generation engines, and performs Growth Consulting  as a Full Stack Revenue Driver.
(Product - Market Research, Marketing, Sales & Operations)

What Do You Really Get?

We leverage emerging growth tactics, proven practices and Artificial Intelligence
leaving nothing to chance

PMF Validation

Before we scale the solution, we like to ensure that the vessel is seaworthy.

While this can sometimes be bruising to the ego, it saves our clients  pain and money in the long run and plays a vital role in uncovering Market- Message Resonance.

PMF Validation is defined as a 3% Lead Rate & 20% Qualified Sales Call Conversion Rate

Flywheel Growth Engine

Leveraging Outbound and Paid Ads we will deliver 5-10 Qualified Sales Calls per week with a Customer Acquisition Cost under 33%

Our Automated outbound engines have scaled Enterprise Software Start-Ups from Zero to a $50M Valuation in under 11 Months.

They have been used in over a dozen industries and schedule calls with the most powerful companies around the world on a nearly weekly basis.

Marketing & Sales Assets

We leverage the validated sales argument and acquisition engine to create Marketing and Sales Assets that can be used for years to come.

Marketing Assets:
- Market Message Resonance
- Ads (Creative + Validated Copy [Claims + Status Delta])
- Sales / Lead Funnel Media Buying
(Ad Campaign Build Out and Audiences)

Sales Asset: 
- Validated Sales Script that yields 25%+ Close Rate
- Sales Training
- De-Risked Hiring SOPs
- Training Documentation / Ramping Bible
- KPI Matrix   

Foundational Copywriting

Marketing is what you say to the world, Copy is how you say it.

We leverage AI and work very closely with Founders on drafting the Foundational Copy (Scaffolding) of the Start Up - this informs everything from SEO and Blog Posts to Sales Scripts and Investor Meeting Notes.

Sales Consulting & Refinement

We use proven sales systems and training to help technical founders master sales in an approachable and comfortable way.

Our training systems and frameworks are easily installed into existing sales organizations and serve as foundational training for new hires across your revenue operations teams.

Our goal is to get founders out of being the sole salesperson so they can focus on working on the business instead of in it.

Salesman Placement

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Meet with the Experts

Our Process is entirely Bespoke

It involves extensive market research & constant iteration in our pursuit of perfection.

Great things take time and time does not scale

We are only able to currently work with 1-2 new clients per quarter and operate on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Please schedule a time if you are serious about growing as space is extremely limited

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need Product Market Fit?

You need some Product Market Fit, a good indicator would be if you can close 20-25% of your qualified sales calls and have between 8-10 paying customers.

Do I need Funding?

Funding is preferred but not required; if bootstrapped, we recommend that founders have between $250,000 - $500,000 set aside for growth.

Do you have a Guarantee?

Yes, we guarantee that if you deliver the required work on time and answer our questions in a timely manner, you will have a Flywheel Growth Engine that delivers between 5-10 Qualified Sales Calls Per Week at a 25% Close Rate Minimum

Does this Work for Enterprise?

Yes, it does work for enterprises, but the KPIs, conversion rate, and sales cycle length are all skewed, however, you will still be very profitable and very fundable.

Subject to the first 60 days of engagement, we may request an extension/ alteration of the deliverable timeline to sort and validate the given enterprise sales cycle length.

Why wouldn't I just do this manually?

It took us five years to develop this system and dial it in; even with the above frameworks, there is a tremendous amount of specialized skill that only comes from experience.

If you are looking for the fastest path to profitability and have the funds to do so, this is it.

How Much Does it Cost?

Roughly equivalent to 0.5-3.5% of the increase in enterprise value.

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"Jake is one of the top 10 masters of Cold Email and Demand Generation Engines. He has consistently proven his expertise across multiple offers and industries. He is my go to guy when we need sales calls quickly & affordably."

Colin Dowling - Founder @ T40

"Deal Flow is by far one of the largest levers you can implement into your business. Plug and Play with a proven playbook. It prints money"

Louis Garoz - COO @ Savvy Social

"Jake is a master of outbound.
His ability to craft campaigns that
repeatedly book calls with our Ideal Prospects is a game changer. We use him for investors, board members and of course - clients"

Alex Z - Founder @ Meta Mango

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